ST. HUGH Catholic Church and School

Welcome to the Catholic parish of St. Hugh, your family in the Grove! Here you will find the peace, comfort, healing and mercy, hope and love that come from God and His Catholic Church; a place where we come together to pray, learn and grow. I warmly invite you and your family to become part of the Body of Christ.

Fr. Luis R. Largaespada

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Daily Mass
Monday-Friday 8 am (Live stream)
Saturday 8 am,  5:30 pm (Vigil Mass)

English: 9 am, 10:30 am (Live stream), 5:30 pm
Spanish: 12:30 pm (Live stream), 7 pm

In order to comply with Archdiocesan standards for the COVID-19 pandemic, occupancy of the church is limited to 30% of capacity. This means we can only accommodate a maximum of between 70-100 persons (allowing for families comprised of several members). Please make sure you sign up and arrive early so you don’t forfeit your seat.

A Sunday Reflection

Third Sunday of Easter (Cycle B)


Imagine now that you have known and walked with Jesus for the three years of His public ministry; but when He approaches you after His resurrection, you do not recognize Him. How can this be? Is He so different? So transformed? Yet, you do recognize Him in the “breaking of the bread”.

And then you rush back to Jerusalem, for you must share your joy with the others. As everyone is speaking, the Lord appears in their midst. The evangelist tells us that Jesus then “opened their minds to understand the Scriptures” (24:45).

The “breaking of the bread” is an ancient name for the Eucharistic celebration. We share in the same meal the disciples of Emmaus shared. Do we recognize Jesus in the “breaking of the bread”? We also listen to the same Scriptures being proclaimed. Do we ask the Lord to open our minds to understand them?

The passage ends with Jesus’ charge: “You are witnesses of these things” (24:48). We are to be His witnesses also. May the Lord open our minds and our hearts that we may find Him in the Word and in the breaking of Bread. God bless you.


Around the Parish

Divine Mercy Sunday.

Sebastián Grisales was ordained to the Diaconate by Archbishop Wenski on Divine Mercy Sunday. Congratulations, Sebastián! You are in our prayers.


To view the School Virtual Open House, please click here.

School News

Congratulations to all our eighth graders for being accepted into their high school of choice. We are extremely proud of all your accomplishments. May God bless you today tomorrow and always!

The Pope Speaks

Prayer and the Communion of Saints
General Audience, April 7, 2021

When we pray, we never do so alone: even if we do not think about it, we are immersed in a majestic river of invocations that precedes us and proceeds after us. Those prayers that are good are “expansive”, like anything that is good; they propagate themselves continuously, with or without being posted on social networks: from hospital wards, from moments of festive gatherings to those in which we suffer silently… One person’s pain is everyone’s pain, and one person’s happiness is transmitted to someone else’s soul.

There is no grief in the Church that is borne in solitude, there are no tears shed in oblivion, because everyone breaths and participates in one common grace.

To pray for others is the first way to love them and it moves us toward concretely drawing near.