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Daily Mass – English – 8:00 am
Sunday Mass – English – 10:30 am
Domingo – Español – 12:30pm

St. Hugh has made Online Giving available for parishioners who would like to make donations to our weekly offerings, as well as other parish collections. We are utilizing this technology for the well-being and growth of our parish community.

Here you will find a list of canned and other non-perishable foods that are usually given out at the Outreach. Please bring your donations to the parish office at any time and we will make sure that they are distributed in a timely manner.

Pentecost Sunday
May 31, 2020

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● Please use the designated Entrance and Exit doors and follow the usher’s directions.

● Social distancing of approximately 6 feet separation between persons (except for family members from same household) is required while entering or leaving the church, in approaching the altar to receive Holy Communion and returning to your pews, as well as while sitting in the pews, which have been properly marked.

● Please wear a face mask and keep it on during Mass, removing it only to receive Holy Communion.

● Hand sanitizers are available at church entrance, please use them.

● Do not hold hands during the Our Father or exchange the Sign of Peace.

● Please leave as soon as Mass is over so the church can be sanitized.

● Please do not congregate in the church or outside after Mass.

The Holy Mass will continue to be live streamed Monday through Friday, at 8 am, and Sundays at 10:30 am in English and 12:30 pm in Spanish. You may request Mass intentions by calling the office, 305-444-8363. The Sunday bulletin will be available online.

Please help us to continue providing our live stream services by making your donations online through this website, or mailing it in to the parish office.

You are always in our prayers as we put our hope in the Lord.


Daily Mass
English, 8:00 am

Sunday Mass
English, 10:30 am

Español, 12:30 pm

A Sunday Reflection

Pentecost Sunday (Cycle A)

Welcome back! It is a joy to celebrate with you present in our church. Let us pray that soon we may be able to gather as a community without restrictions.

The Holy Spirit comes upon the Blessed Virgin and the apostles gathered in prayer with the force of a mighty wind. It is the same Spirit that the Lord Jesus had breathed on them in His first appearance after the resurrection; the Spirit that hovered over the waters at the dawn of creation. He is light as the breath that sustains our life, strong as the wind that propels us forward.

Today we are invited to open our hearts to this Holy Spirit so that He may drive us to do the work of God, to spread His word. May He be our Advocate, our Comforter, our rest, the welcome guest of our souls. May He pour on us his seven gifts for the good of the Church. Come, Holy Spirit! God bless you!

Fr. Luis R. Largaespada


Around the Parish

The Knights of Malta sponsored a Mass with procession of the Blessed Sacrament and anointing of the sick to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Around the Parish

A group of our parishioners met Archbishop Wenski on March 4. We thank Rolando and Irene Silva for hosting the event.

Why the Ascension of the Lord Matters

THE FEAST OF THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD, which the Church celebrates at the end of the Easter season, is hard to explain to a lot of contemporary people. The key to understanding both the meaning and significance of this feast is a recovery of the Jewish sense of heaven and earth.

We tend to think of salvation as an escape from this world—this vale of tears—to a disembodied state called “heaven.” Biblical cosmology sees heaven and earth as interacting and interpenetrating fields of force. On the Biblical reading, salvation is a matter of the meeting of heaven and earth, so that God might reign as thoroughly here below as he does on high.

The Church, guided by the Holy Spirit down through the ages, is meant to be the privileged place where this coming-together happens. In good preaching, in great Christian art, in the architecture of our churches and cathedrals, in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, in the lives of the saints, and perhaps especially in the liturgy, earth and heaven meet.

The Ascension is Jesus’ journey, not to another place, but to another dimension. What the angels who appeared to the disciples [after He ascends] are hinting at none too subtly, is this: under the influence of Jesus’ spirit, get to work! Do all that you can to foster the marriage of heaven and earth!

Bishop Robert Barron, Why the Ascension of the Lord Matters
Original in, May 27, 2011.

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