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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle A)

Today you will be invited to make your pledge for the Archbishop’s Charities Development Drive (ABCD) campaign. Many of you are familiar with this campaign and how we are all called as a parish to support it. If we all contribute to this effort according to our possibilities we can reach our goal of $289,000 for 2020.

And you may wonder, where does it all go? The Archbishop’s Charity and Development Drive supports priestly formation, evangelization and ministry, and charitable works that include Catholic Charities and other services. According to figures received from the Archdiocese, 32% of our goal, goes to the formation of our future priests and deacons. 31%, supports evangelization and formation programs, Radio Paz, the diocesan newspapers Florida Catholic y La Voz Católica, broadcasting the Mass on TV, youth ministry, religious education, marriage and family life and college campus ministry. The balance goes to funding the works of mercy carried out throughout the Archdiocese: Catholic Charities, Respect Life, ministry to the elderly, food banks, etc.

Your contribution of $1 a day—a total of $366 this year—goes a long way to meeting the needs of so many and provides support to our future priests as well as enables us to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to our world. The Lord is generous with His gifts. Let us in turn be generous in sharing them with others, so that we may be Christ’s eyes, hands and feet to the world. God bless you!

Fr. Luis R. Largaespada


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The Spanish Mass Choir.

Our altar is dedicated to the Infant Jesus of Prague, whose devotion is very extended and whose feast is celebrated on the last Sunday of January.

Meeting of Matrimonios en Victoria.


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Sunday, 9 am

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2020 Archbishop’s Charity and Development Drive (ABCD)

Christ has no body but yours, no hands, no feet on earth but yours…

Yours are the eyes with which he looks compassion on this world, your feet with which he walks to do good, yours are the hands with which he blesses all the world.

THIS WEEKEND is Commitment Weekend for the ABCD. Every member of our parish is called upon to be the eyes, hands and feet of Jesus We can all make a difference, and it starts at home. The Archdiocese of Miami, from Broward to Monroe, is our faith community, home to more than a million brothers and sisters in Christ. We witness the real hands and feet of Jesus in the work of the Archdiocese of Miami above and beyond the good work in our parishes. It is evident in our efforts to preserve the dignity of all human life, and in our commitment to the poor, homeless, needy, elderly and sick. It lives in the hearts and minds of the children in our schools and religious education programs, as well as those serving in our life-changing ministries and programs. It is also witnessed in you when you support the ABCD by making it all possible.

Let us unite to share the love of Christ and bring hope to people in need by making a gift to the ABCD today. We need you!

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