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Welcome to the Catholic parish of St. Hugh, your family in the Grove. I warmly invite you to join us. Come, be part of the Body of Christ.

Fr. Luis Largaespada


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For the abolition of torture


That the Holy Spirit may inspire us to carry the message of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

A Sunday Reflection

Pentecost Sunday (Cycle A)


So the Lord tells the terrified disciples when He first appears to them after the Resurrection, as “He breathed on them” (Jn 20:22a).

Spirit equals breath, and we need to breathe in order to live. At the dawn of creation, the Spirit —the breath of God— hovered over the waters “like a mighty wind” (Gen 1:2c). At the new creation, the one brought about by Christ’s resurrection, the Spirit blows like “a strong, driving wind” (Acts 2:2b), then He descends as tongues of fire over the astonished disciples.

Wind and fire, the one to drive us forward, the other to give us strength for the proclamation of the Gospel. We have received this two-fold gift at Baptism and Confirmation. We too must go forward to “proclaim the mighty deeds of God” (Acts 2:11).
Let us invoke the Holy Spirit that He may fill our hearts with the fire of His love, so that in Jesus’ name we may renew the face of the earth. Come, Holy Spirit, come!


Around the Parish

Work has begun on our stained glass restoration. Francisco Javier da Silva, our restorer, is hard at work. Let us pray for good weather

Warmest congratulations to Father Sebastián Grisales on his ordination to the priesthood last Saturday.

The Popes Speak

Benedict XVI
Regina Cæli, June 12, 2011

The Solemnity of Pentecost which we are celebrating today concludes the liturgical season of Easter. In fact, the paschal mystery — the passion, death and resurrection of Christ and his ascension into Heaven — finds its fulfillment in the powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles gathered together with Mary, Mother of the Lord, and the other disciples.

It was the “baptism” of the Church, baptism in the Holy Spirit (cf. Acts 1:5)…God’s voice divinized the human language of the Apostles who were enabled to proclaim the one divine Word in a “polyphonic” manner. The breath of the Holy Spirit fills the universe, generates faith, leads to truth, and predisposes people to unity. “At this sound the multitude came together, and they were bewildered, because each one heard them speaking in his own language” of “the mighty works of God” (Acts 2:6,11).

The Holy Spirit, “who is the Lord and Giver of life” — as we say in the Creed — is joined to the Father through the Son and completes the revelation of the Blessed Trinity. He comes from God like a breath from his mouth and has the power of sanctifying, abolishing divisions, dispelling the confusion due to sin. Incorporeal and immaterial, he lavishes divine goods upon living beings and sustains them so that they may act in conformity with the good. As an intelligible Light he gives meaning to prayer, vigor to the evangelizing mission, he makes the hearts of those who listen to the happy message burn and inspires Christian art and liturgical music.

The Holy Spirit who creates faith within us at the moment of our Baptism enables us to live as children of God, aware and consenting, in accordance with the image of the Only-Begotten Son….Let us entrust the Church to the Virgin Mary, temple of the Holy Spirit, so that she may always live by Jesus Christ, by his word, by his commandments and, under the perennial action of the Spirit Paraclete, proclaim to one and all that “Jesus is Lord!” (1 Cor 12:3).


  • If you are a Lector, do not announce “First Reading” or “Responsorial Psalm.”
  • Before the proclamation of the Gospel make three small crosses: one on your forehead, one on your lips and the last over your heart, asking the Word of God to be in your mind, on your lips and in your heart.