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20th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle A)


How great is your faith? Could Jesus say the same thing about you? Do you recognize your need and the One who can remedy it? Are you ready to persist in prayer, even when there is no apparent answer? Consider this: this woman is first ignored, then rejected, and finally insulted by being compared to a dog. Yet she persists. Would you?

In the light of the first reading, where Isaiah says that “the foreigners who join themselves to the Lord…will be acceptable” (Is 56:6-7), Jesus’ attitude is puzzling. After all, He always asks people what they want Him to do for them; but now He sternly says that He was sent “only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Mt 15:24), basically implying that her need is no concern of His.

Still, the woman perseveres, and perhaps that is what is lacking in our own prayer. When she approaches Jesus, she trusts that He can help her and she will not be put off. In God’s plan and providence, our prayers are answered just like the woman’s, for God always listens. Let us then both trust and persevere, knowing that He will answer, in His own time and in the way that is best for our salvation. God bless you.