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27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle A) A Sunday Reflection


The image of the vineyard is a powerful one. It speaks of God’s providence —He planted a vineyard, but not for His own sake, for He needs nothing. He planted it for us, because He loves us. All He asks is that we produce good fruit and return it to Him in gratitude.

Isaiah in the first reading points out how we fail: “he looked for grapes but what it yielded was wild grapes” (Is 5:2). The owner of the vineyard will raze it to the ground, since it did not produce fruit (cf 5:6). Jesus picks up the image —”the vineyard of the Lord is the house of Israel” (Is 5:7)— and applies it to Himself. He is the Son that the landowner sent, the One rejected, thrown out of the vineyard and killed (cf Mt 21:39). And so the vineyard passes into other hands… ours.

There is mercy, but there is also a warning in these readings. The vineyard can be taken away and given to others if we don’t produce good fruit, if we don’t receive the landowner’s Son. Let us heed St. Paul’s advice to the Philippians and hold on to what is true, just and pure (cf Phil 4:8), that the God of peace may be with us. God bless you.