A worksheet for Lent from Pope Francis

A worksheet for Lent from Pope Francis

Need some direction for your Lenten resolutions? Pope Francis is offering it in three words: PAUSE, SEE AND RETURN.

“PAUSE a little, leave behind the unrest and commotion that fill the soul with bitter feelings which never get us anywhere; … refrain from the need to show off, … from fleeting and pejorative comments, … from the emptiness of everything that is instantaneous, momentary and fleeting…. Pause in order to look and contemplate!

“SEE the gestures that prevent the extinguishing of charity, … the face of our families who continue striving … in order to move forward in life,… the faces of our children and young people …our elderly whose faces are marked by the passage of time,… the faces of our sick people and the many who take care of them… the remorseful faces of so many who try to repair their errors and mistakes…. See and contemplate the real face of Christ crucified out of love for everyone, without exception. For everyone? Yes, for everyone.

“PAUSE, SEE, AND RETURN. RETURN to the house of your Father.

“RETURN without fear, for this is the favorable time to come home, to the home of my Father and your Father (cf. Jn 20:17). It is the time for allowing one’s heart to be touched… RETURN without fear, to join in the celebration of those who are forgiven. RETURN without fear, to experience the healing and reconciling tenderness of God.”

Pope Francis, Homily at the Church of Santa Sabina
Ash Wednesday, 2018, vatican.va