Catholic Devotions: The Morning Offering

Catholic Devotions: The Morning Offering

WE ARE CALLED TO MAKE AN OFFERING of our life, as Jesus did, succeeding where Adam had failed…. We share in Christ’s priesthood because, through baptism, we share in his life, not only his divine nature (2 Pt 1:4) but also his human nature, which is restored in its integrity…. We can sanctify the temporal order and offer it to God, restoring it “in Christ” because we live in Christ. We restore it, a little bit at a time, beginning with … our work space, our living space.

One way Catholics exercise this priestly vocation is by praying a “Morning Offering” every day, as soon as they rise from sleep…. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the Church has urged its members to make a … priestly offering every day, in union with the holy sacrifice of the Mass. The Morning Offering prayer was first actively promoted by members of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. Eventually, the prayer became the cornerstone of the spirituality of an institution called the Apostleship of Prayer, established to encourage the faithful to pray for the pope’s intentions, announced monthly.

… The beauty of the daily offering taught by the Apostolate of Prayer, which invites the faithful to assume “eucharistic form”, uniting their life with Mary to the heart of Christ who offers Himself for humanity.

There are many prayers available that we can use for a Morning Offering. We may even make up our own. Our day need not begin laboriously…[but] now, in the fullness of time, we, with a simple prayer, begin to restore all things in Christ (see Eph 1:10).

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Pages 85-87. Used with permission.