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The parish pastoral council is a representative group from the parish who offer counsel to the pastor.

Its aim is to envision, plan, coordinate and empower all the baptized so that they may participate more fully in the life of the Church. It will develop a long-range plan in order to find ways to carry on the mission of the parish in a visionary, apostolic and unifying way.


The Code of Canon Law (Canon #537) mandates the establishment of a finance committee in every parish.

It is the responsibility of the pastor to convene and manage the work of the finance committee within the norms, policies and procedures established by the diocese. The finance committee assists the pastor in formulating and managing the parish budget. It also oversees fundraising efforts, monitors expenditures and/or capital campaigns. The parish council and the finance committee work together and are complementary to each other.


The liturgy committee watches over the development of sacred worship in the parish.

It is in charge of evaluating the overall needs of the parish regarding spiritual life and the quality of our liturgies, including Sundays, weddings, funerals, and the various sacraments. It assists the pastor in planning seasonal celebrations.


At our Baptism, we are charged with bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ into every human situation and seeking the conversion of individuals and society by the divine power of the Gospel itself.

The task of the evangelization committee is to assist the parish to respond effectively to the challenge “Go and make disciples”. Their work is to bring about in all parish members an enthusiasm for their faith in Jesus so that, by living it, they freely share it with others.


Parishioners are invited to share the blessings of their time talent and treasure, to become aware of the needs of the parish, and to develop a sense of community through stewardship.

Stewardship and development is involved in all building, remodeling and repair projects, working closely with the pastor to maintain St. Hugh’s physical plant. It works together with the Finance Committee and is complementary to it.