The Cross, A Fount of Blessing

The Cross, A Fount of Blessing

When we make the sign of the cross, we invite the Lord to bless us, and he always responds. We open ourselves to the Lord’s doing something in us and prepare ourselves for his blessing , expressing our desire to receive and use it.

It is an ancient Christian practice to consecrate daily life with sacramental, the chief of which is the sign of the cross. Invoking the blessing of the sign at key moments elevates ordinary activities into opportunities for drawing nearer to God—activities such as waking up, eating, driving the children to school, starting your workday, responding to your email, shopping, relaxing with your family and going to bed.

Blessing others and objects with the sign of the cross is also an ancient Christian practice. The Church extensively employs the sign of the cross as a blessing in the liturgy. Outside the liturgy, priests bless religious objects like rosaries, medals, scapulars, or small crucifixes.

The sign of the cross is an act of faith that brings us into God’s presence, a way to renew our Baptism, an affirmation of our decision to follow Christ, a decision to accept our share in Christ’s suffering, a defense against the devil, and a means to overcome our faults and to grow in likeness to Christ.

Let us make the sign of the cross often and devoutly, and tap into this fount of blessing that brought us salvation.

Adapted from The Sign of the Cross by Bert Ghezzi
© 2021 by Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, Park Ridge, IL