The Pope Speaks

The Pope Speaks

Homily for Easter Sunday
April 1, 2018

After listening to the Word of God from this Gospel passage, there are three things that I would like to say.

First: the announcement. There is an announcement: the Lord has risen; that announcement which traveled by word of mouth ever since the early days of Christianity: it was a greeting: The Lord has risen. And the women who went to anoint the Lord’s body were met by a surprise. The surprise…. God’s announcements always bring surprises because our God is the God of surprises…. And the surprise is what moves your heart, what touches you in the very place you do not expect.

Second: haste. The women run, they hasten to say: “But we have found this!”. God’s surprises place us on a journey, immediately, without delay. And so they run to see. Peter and John run…. It still happens today. In our neighborhoods, in the villages, when something extraordinary happens, people run to see; they go in haste… Surprises, good news are always announced in this manner: in haste.

The surprising announcement, the hastened response, and the third thing I wish to mention to you today is a question: “What about me? Do I have a heart that is open to God’s surprises; am I capable of going in haste or do I persist with the refrain: “well, I’ll see tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow?” What does the surprise tell me?

The surprising announcement, the running, the hastening and the question: And what do I do on this Easter Day 2018? What do you do?