The Rosary

The Rosary


Every time we pray the Rosary, we fulfill that prophecy at least fifty times….The Rosary is a time-proven method of meditative prayer. For centuries the popes have recommended it, the saints have prayed it daily….It was the favorite prayer of the great biologist Louis Pasteur.

The Rosary works, on a human level, because it engages the whole person. It involves our speech and our hearing. It occupies our mind and incites our emotions. It assigns a task to our fingertips… If we pray before a sacred image, we feed our meditation through yet another bodily sense.

The Rosary works best when we stop working—when we stop multitasking and abandon ourselves like children to the time we’re spending with our Mother…. [But] the experience of the Rosary is a very individual thing….Not all of us will experience [it] with [the same] emotion. Some of us have a hard enough time keeping focus—even with all our senses engaged.

Nevertheless, it would be sinful pride to abandon such a prayer simply because we don’t pray it well…. Pope St. John XXIII had this advice for those who grew frustrated with their own inattention when they prayed the Rosary: … a “bad Rosary” is one left unsaid.

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