Things to give up for Lent other than chocolate

Things to give up for Lent other than chocolate

MIDWAY THROUGH LENT and you may still be facing the dilemma of what to give up. And it’s not too late! You still have three solid weeks to practice prayer, fasting and almsgiving. While these suggestions focus on fasting, don’t forget the other two as well.

1. LISTENING TO MUSIC AND THE RADIO. This Lent consider giving up listening to your favorite shows and make room to hear the “still, small voice” of God in prayer.

2. LAZY SHORTCUTS. Pick something for which you take the “easy way out”, such as getting up right away or parking up close, and offer it up this Lent.

3. EATING OUT. Few things can beat the convenience of grabbing something quick to eat instead of cooking at home, so this may require some planning. But it’s a great way to grow in patience, while you save some money too!

4. ART. Many churches still veil images during Lent, and you could do the same at home. Giving up these beautiful images reminds us of how empty and barren the world is without the light of Christ.

5. ELEVATORS. Taking only the stairs during Lent is not only harder, but also takes more time. It is a good sacrifice to offer up… but not if you live in the 20th floor or higher!

Along with giving of your time or money to support worthy charities and people in need, and spending time in prayer, observing a sacrificial Lent will contribute greatly so that Easter will bring you the jubilation that Christ intended us to have. Have a blessed Lent!

Theresa Civantos Barber, 10 Things to give up for Lent other than chocolate
Original in, February 21, 2020. Used with permission