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Please complete and return the important documentation packet for the 2024-25 academic year.


We wish to express our THANKS for a fantastic year! 

A SPECIAL THANKS to our HRPA chairpersons, Wendy, Carla, Gina, and Olga, for helping us throughout the year. Thanks to all of our VOLUNTEERS for your love and dedication!
We look forward to another school year filled with love and happiness! Have a safe and blessed summer filled with the love of God, family, and friends.

May God bless you today, tomorrow and always,

Mrs. Mary E. Fernandez, Ed.S.
Principal Saint Hugh Catholic School


For more light in the day, we thank you,
For gentle mornings, we thank you,
For nighttime conversations, we thank you,
For friends and family, we thank you,
For gardens and all manner of creatures, we thank you.
Help us, Creator and lover of our souls.
Help us love this earth.

Help us dwell wholeheartedly in our lives this day.
Help us pray as we walk, work, play, rest, and create.


Virtual tour of our Church and School campus
Welcome to St. Hugh Church and School, a place where faith and education come together in harmony.
Archdiocese of Miami

Students at St. Hugh School have been busy the past few weeks, learning about the Mass and solving an environmental problem.


Apply now for the 2024-2025 Academic Year at St. Hugh. Our Christ-centered education fosters lifelong learning, Christian values, and community service. We welcome all students regardless of race or national origin.

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St. Hugh Catholic school is dedicated to nurturing peace by encouraging a prayerful environment, promoting academic success, while incorporating community service with God in every aspect of our lives.

Damian of Molokai

Saint of the Month:
Damian of Molokai


We are the first archdiocese of Miami school in Miami Dade County to be awarded stream certification by the FCC.

Standards of Ethical Conduct

Our school values the worth and dignity of every person, the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, acquisition of knowledge, and the nurture of democratic citizenship.

Clear Filters
St. Hugh Catholic School is fully accredited by the FCC
The Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program is one of the oldest, most robust, and cutting-edge Catholic accrediting programs in the country. 

The current standards use The National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic and Secondary Schools, as well as Florida Department of Education and Florida Department of Children and Families requirements. Schools complete annual reports and self-studies. Onsite visits are hosted at the three year and seven year marks of a seven year accreditation cycle:


“I want to express our deepest gratitude for the wonderful four years we have spent at this institution. From the very first day, we felt the warmth, support, and dedication of the entire staff and school community. Our children have flourished academically, socially, and spiritually, which is a testament to the education and values instilled in them by your team.
With gratitude and best wishes”
Family Paredes Idler

“As a parent of two of your students, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the remarkable impact you’ve had on our child and on the entire middle school community. Your dedication to teaching goes beyond the classroom walls. You have a unique ability to ignite a passion for learning in your students, fostering their intellectual curiosity and nurturing their growth every step of the way. Your innovative teaching methods and genuine enthusiasm for your subject have made a lasting impression on our children. Thank you for being an exceptional educator and for making a difference in the lives of so many students, including mine. Your impact extends far beyond the classroom, and I feel privileged to have you as a teacher for our children. With sincere appreciation, Patricia Montiel.”

“I am so thankful for St. Hugh Catholic School and for the community we will forever call home. My daughter started there in 7th grade and just graduated this year. She and our family were immediately welcomed with open arms and it has been such a blessing watching my daughter grow closer to God because of the spirituality St. Hugh nurtured in her. I am so grateful for St. Hugh, its staff and church. God knew this is where my family belonged.”
Suzette L. Russomanno, Esq.

“Dear Mrs. Fernandez and the rest of the St. Hugh Family, I did this about 4 years ago around this time so I thought it be only appropriate to do the same now and that is to send a short note to ALL OF YOU to simply say “THANK YOU”.  As I said this is the second round but this one is a little more bitter sweet than the first as we close this chapter and start a new one. We have had the good fortune of being a part of the St. Hugh family for over 14 years now and in that time not only did we see our eldest son grow physically, academically and spiritually but also have been fortunate enough to see that with Justin and Jason together with all of their friends. Warmest regards and God Bless! Juan C. Aguiar.”

“Dearest Madame Principal, Wanted to say THANK YOU for making Yesterday so special! What a wonderful evening! I’m starting to get very very sentimental… thank you for making St Hugh such a wonderful place ..  our second home in Miami. I really appreciate and KNOW all the hard work you do… Hope you have a great Friday! Love, Bea.”

“Thank YOU, Mrs. Fernandez! Marcelo will always remember you as his Kindergarten teacher  and as a wonderful part of his first experience at St. Hugh. We are grateful for your kindness, care and love and blessed to have your guidance and leadership. Kindly, The Jimenez family.”

“Queridos Mrs. Fernandez y Father Luis, Espero se encuentren muy bien. Unas breves lineas para agradecerles por tan especial ceremonia de Confirmación. Gracias por hacer cada detalle inolvidable. Además de contar con el Arsobispo y la sorpresa del Padre Federico. Nuestro mas sentido agradecimiento a todo el equipo y la comunidad de St.Hugh que pudo hacer esto posible y por formar a nuestros hijos con tanta dedicación. Abrazos, Los Colimodio.”

“Just a little note to THANK YOU ALL for the beautiful Parent Appreciation dinner. It was such a special night with you and our children! Some kids and parents we hadn’t seen in more than a year… We are definetely very grateful that they were able to enjoy themselves so much. Best regards, Jimena and Luis Montaldo.”

“Dear Mrs Fernández: It will always be a pleasure for us, thank you very much for your dedication and for the opportunity you gave us to belong to the great family of St. Hugh, it has been a blessing for our daughters and also for us as parents to belong to this distinguished educational establishment. We promise not to let you down. God bless you and we wish you health and prosperity for the your blessed life. Best regards. The Ramos Cafaro Family.”

“Thank you so much for hosting such a beautiful breakfast for the volunteers yesterday!!  I absolutely love my necklace and of course the flowers are gorgeous. I already wore my necklace yesterday and my flowers are on my piano. Thank you, thank you, thank you! More than the gift, I appreciate all of you, your friendship and your kindness!  Thank you for continuing to be part of this beautiful community that uplifts me every day . I wish you all a restful and fun summer and will look forward to seeing you back in August. Thank you again for the gifts and the beautiful breakfast!! Blessings, Adriana. ”

“Ms. Concepcion and Mrs. Alireza, THANK YOU for instilling the love for Science and Math in Ella. She raved about yesterday’s glow experience. As a former teacher, I can appreciate the hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm you put in to your lessons to make them engaging and memorable. You are valued and appreciated. May God bless you abundantly! Warmest regards, Mayoly Rodriguez.”

“Dear Mrs. Fernandez, Kristy and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to sit on the round table discussion with the consultants this past Friday.  It just so happens, that evening I took Norah to the UM homecoming events on campus.  As we were walking across campus, a couple of girls were walking by and recognized Norah.  They are 8th graders at St. Hugh- Norah and Maria.  They were so kind in saying hi to our Norah and making her feel special on just that chance encounter.  I wanted to recognize them and the culture of welcomeness and inclusiveness you have created at St. Hugh.  It starts with the 8th graders who all serve as student leaders, and the supportive atmosphere they create for the younger students.  It really made Norah’s evening. Thank you, Drew Tilson.”

“I wanted to thank you for all the trophies to Alejandro last night, it’s hard to believe that from that kindergarten kid that use to hide behind the trees because he didn’t want to do PE,  he has become on 8th grade the athlete of the year, a, thank you for all your support during Alejandro’s 10 years in St Hugh, it’s hard to leave, a big part of our hearts will always be in St Hugh. Alejandro is becoming and incredible young man with many values and a huge heart, the many stories that parents tell me on how Alejandro has done for their kids are incredible, even when I pick him up every day from the school, he never leaves without saying goodbye to the entrance security,  and for this wonderful education that you have giving him I also wanted to tell you “Thank you” you all have been an important part on his life on this. One more time thank you!!!!”
Alexandra Escudero

“I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you. Miles’ grandfather attended the Mass and presentation this morning and he let me know what an amazing job you did at recognizing father figures and making those without fathers feel included on this day. We do not expect the world to adapt to our circumstances and believe in facing our reality head on, however today after watching the presentation live streaming on Instagram I was in tears. Only after a phone call from my mother telling me what my Dad said- how inclusive you were in your words- did i stop crying. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I thank God every day Miles is at St. Hugh and please know you are an incredible leader and educator with a faculty and staff to match. Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Romeu communicated with me about this event weeks ago and have been so understanding and considerate. We are so blessed and grateful. Thank you so very much for all you do.  Thank You, Liza McClung”

“Dear Mrs. Fernández, We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and our wonderful teachers Mrs. Gómez, Mrs. Fuentes and Mrs. Zas. Third grade has been an unforgettable year and we are very grateful for everything that you all do for our Phillip. Thank you for helping learn and grow, for all your patience, and for always highlighting his talents. We have seen him learn so much this year, and we just want you to know how grateful we are. We will miss this amazing group of teachers, but also look forward to fourth grade.”
Wishing you a wonderful summer! Maggie and Joe Tuckey

“Mrs. Fernandez, I personally want to thank you, father Luis, Gypsy, Gloria, all the community of St. Hugh for making us feel so welcome and I’m home. We will always be grateful for all the support and and kindness to us and specially our kids.”
Blessings, Mayka 

“I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Lucas and Bianca these past years. It was a great experience for all of us and St. Hugh definitely played a role in shaping the young man and woman that they have become. St. Hugh will always be in our hearts.  Take care and thanks again for everything!”
Best Regards, John H. Oestreicher

“Dear all, Just want to THANK YOU for a wonderful evening. All the work and effort that you put into the parent appreciation night was beautiful and very well organized. 8th grade students and parents had an amazing time. Connor’s has bittersweet feelings about leaving St Hugh but he also looks forward for his next chapter in his life at Belen. Thank you for all you do everyday for the students and particularly for both of my boys Connor & Max. Have a great weekend, Trixia.”

“Thank YOU Mrs. Fernández for all the hard work and dedication! We truly appreciate it. We couldn’t be more thankful for being part of this beautiful community. Have a blessed summer! Blessings, Los Ottengo”.

“Dear Mrs. Fernandez & Fr. Luis: Thank you! Thank you for all these years of a wonderful education that has molded Mateo into the young man he is today.  Because of you, he has been instilled with a strong moral compass, strong sense of faith, and the best academic foundation. Thank you for always pushing him to do his best and challenging his horizons.  The additional effort the school expended in support of the Dual Enrollment Algebra course last year and the Dual Enrollment Geometry course this year were unbelievable.  We know it was a strain for the school, but because of you he’s set up for success next year at Columbus.”

With much love and gratitude, Alex & Tica Silva.

“Dear Mrs. Fernandez: Yesterday at the Toy Mass you brought tears to my eyes when you began singing. It brought back so many memories when my kids were little and you used to sing at the Christmas shows! I have so many countless , precious memories sitting in those pews watching g my life go by : Weddings, Baptisms, first communions , graduations, award ceremonies and on and on. Yesterday was very special . Thank you for being there all these years. We all love you very much and appreciate all your hard work and sacrifices. All our love, Blessings.”

Rolando and Irene Silva

“Gracias a usted por todo el amor y apoyo para nuestros hijos, papa Dios la siga bendiciendo grandemente a usted y su familia siempre! Abrazos, Veli Chabebe de Gonzalo.”