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Dear St. Hugh community,

When we practice temperance, we live as Jesus taught us. Moderation is a form of practicing temperance. As students in a Catholic School we must learn that being excessive in our words and actions is not practicing temperance. We practice temperance by living a simple life, sharing generously with others and caring more about others then yourself.

May God Bless You Today, Tomorrow, and Always.

Mrs. Mary E. Fernandez, Ed.S.
Principal Saint Hugh Catholic School

Archdiocese of Miami

Students at St. Hugh School have been busy the past few weeks, learning about the Mass and solving an environmental problem.


Apply now for the 2024-2025 Academic Year at St. Hugh. Our Christ-centered education fosters lifelong learning, Christian values, and community service. We welcome all students regardless of race or national origin.

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St. Hugh Catholic school is dedicated to nurturing peace by encouraging a prayerful environment, promoting academic success, while incorporating community service with God in every aspect of our lives.

Saint Vincent Ferrer

Saint of the Month:
Saint Vincent Ferrer


We are the first archdiocese of Miami school in Miami Dade County to be awarded stream certification by the FCC.

Standards of Ethical Conduct

Our school values the worth and dignity of every person, the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, acquisition of knowledge, and the nurture of democratic citizenship.

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Welcome to St. Hugh Church and School, a place where faith and education come together in harmony.
St. Hugh Catholic School is fully accredited by the FCC
The Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program is one of the oldest, most robust, and cutting-edge Catholic accrediting programs in the country. 

The current standards use The National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic and Secondary Schools, as well as Florida Department of Education and Florida Department of Children and Families requirements. Schools complete annual reports and self-studies. Onsite visits are hosted at the three year and seven year marks of a seven year accreditation cycle:


“Fr. Luis and Mrs. Fernandez, We wish to send you our respect and greetings.  We know that these are very difficult times for all of you.  You continue to do an excellent job at educating and being attentive to our  St. Hugh community.  I hope you are in good health. Teachers are doing a great job.  Thank you.”

“Father Luis, Mrs. . Fernandez, staff, HR parents, and St. Hugh family.  I also want to express my gratitude to all of you for your support during this period of transition to virtual leaning.  For those who studied to be educators or prepared to be administrators in education,  I don’t think you took a “how to teach virtual classes during global pandemic course”.

“During difficult times is when we really see how communities and tribes work.  It takes a village to accomplish big projects.  Despite the bumps on the roads, we like to applaud all the teachers who stepped up for the challenges and made it for our kids.  Independence & engagement is hard to teach specially at long distance, but as always together we are stronger, #wewillwin

BIG GRACIAS to all our warrior “Teachers” for embracing the challenges and taking commands”

“Dear St. Hugh Faculty and Staff.  Thank you all for your efforts to help our kids transition over to remote learning classes!  I can only imagine how big of a project this has been.  My girls have enjoyed engaging with their teachers and peers on-line.  We are getting the hang of it and feel connected again to our St. Hugh Community!! Thank you again for all of the work that has gone into making this possible!”

“We wanted to say thank you to all the teaching staff for working to make the online learning a great experience under the circumstances.  We understand that we are all adjusting to this new “normal” and the teaching staff have been very patient and helpful during the challenges.  We are very grateful that they have been keeping our children engaged and learning.  We also want to thank the home room parents.  May God bless you all and we pray that we are all healthy and stronger as we pass through this season of uncertainty and trials.”

“Thanks for everything you are doing! These are definitely very different times where we all should bring out the best in us.  Missing all of you, the morning drop-off, the smiles on everybody’s faces.  I hope you are  doing ok.  God bless”!

“I hope that you and your family are doing well and healthy.  We are very thankful to be part of the St. Hugh community.  Your teachers are doing great and they are very patient with the kids.”

“Thank you so much for all your messages and for everything that you and all the teachers are doing during these challenging times.  I would like to compliment the PK4 teachers, and well as the religion and music teachers.  Thank you all for offering the zoom video conferences.  It definitely helps keep the little ones engaged and focused.  My child was so excited to see his teachers and friends.  He also feels special to have his own  “meeting”  I pray that all teachers are well and safe.”

“I just wanted to say that I know this is an impossible situation, all parents have different needs at home, different schedules and children who have different needs.  With all that said, we so appreciate for everything you are doing,  We know there is no way to make everyone happy.  Thank you for all of your hard work during this time.  I pray for your and your family, as well as the whole St. Hugh community.”

“We just wanted to thank Third Grade Teachers!!! They have been very helpful, organized, professional and most of all EMPATHETIC!!!
Special thanks for the Religion teacher for helping moms with technology and the art teacher for the feedback towards the students’ handwork.  Thanks for being such a great community and school!! We miss you all.”

“My child continues to learn and we feel very blessed to have you as Teachers and to be part of St. Hugh school!! Stay safe.”

“I just want to say that I am very happy with St. Hugh’s  online program this year.  I hear and see my child learning and working with classmates almost all day.  I feel so lucky that she is in this school.  Thank you for everything you, your team and teacher are doing to make this happen for our kids.  God bless you all and please stay well.”

“Our family couldn’t be more proud and privileged to be a part of the St. Hugh community. Our daughter is receiving a faith-based, exemplary education. I trust that she is becoming an academically well-rounded, independent, and socially responsible person by helping underserved communities.
Each child’s potential is acknowledged and strengthened by their highly trained educators. Thank you, St. Hugh Catholic School and Church.