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Buddy program

3K/3rd Grade Buddy Program

Mrs. Klynott and Mrs. Gomez developed a program in which the 3rd graders are paired with children in the 3K classroom. This program started approximately 30 years ago and has been something the children look forward to every year.

The objective of this program is to help students be more comfortable as they enter St. Hugh with a special buddy who can help them learn and be their special friend. The 3rd graders develop a sense of leadership as they meet and read a book to their little buddy each week.

There is nothing more precious than when the buddies go to Church and the 3rd graders show them how to genuflect as they enter the Church and do the Sign of the Cross. The older children also have a deep sense of responsibility as they act and respond reverently in Mass to help their buddy learn Church etiquette.

The buddies participate in many special activities as: a “buddy field trip,” a “buddy picnic” and a “buddy Easter egg hunt.” Christmas is never the same since the 3rd graders perform a Christmas show for their little friends and they write a chapter book with a chapter devoted to each little child.

Best of all, they get to experience the special feeling when they walk in the hallway and hear little voices call out, “That’s my buddy.” Having a buddy is a privilege that the third graders don’t take lightly and the bonds they make are everlasting.