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Instructor Information Name: Mrs. Sandra Camacho
Title: Technology Director/Computer Teacher Classroom: K-5th grade
Phone: (305) 448-5602 ext. 2539

Time and Method of Contact: I check e-mail regularly and it is the best way to reach me. If you need extra help or extra time, please speak to me to arrange a day/time afterschool to meet.

Course Information

Rules & Procedures: Students will follow the rules and procedures of St Hugh’s Student & Parent handbook.

Classroom procedures are as follows:

  • Be on time for class
  • Respect teachers & staff as well as all of St. Hugh equipment, students, and their work
  • No gum, candy is allowed
  • If a visitor enters or if the teacher receives a call from the office, you should remain on task and quiet
  • We do not cheat, copy other people’s work, or copy materials from the Internet unless you cite the sources. Otherwise, it is called plagiarism
  • Please adhere to the St. Hugh Acceptable Use Policy
  • Streaming music and viewing music videos are NOT allowed without teacher permission
  • Changing the computer settings is NOT allowed without teacher permission
  • Printing is only allowed with teacher permission

Course Description

Welcome to Computer Science Fundamentals, the curriculum designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5).


Students will learn to program using commands like loops and events. The lessons featured in this course also teach students to meaningfully collaborate with others, investigate different problem-solving techniques, persist in the face of challenging tasks, and learn about internet safety.

Grade level: 1st

Students learn more sophisticated unplugged activities and work through a greater variety of puzzles. Students will learn the basics of programming, collaboration techniques, investigation and critical thinking skills, persistence in the face of difficulty, and internet safety.

Grade level: 2nd

Students will create programs with sequencing, loops, and events. They will investigate problem- solving techniques and develop strategies for building positive communities both online and offline. By the end of the course, students will create interactive games that they can share.

Grade level: 3rd

The course begins with a review of the concepts found in earlier courses, including loops and events. Afterward, students will develop their understanding of algorithms, nested loops, while loops, conditionals, and more.

Grade level: 4th

Students will learn to make fun, interactive projects that reinforce what they’ll learn about online safety. Following these lessons, students will engage in more complex coding. Students will learn about nested loops, functions, and conditionals.

Grade level: 5th

The course begins by looking at how users make choices in the apps they use. Students then learn to make a variety of Sprite Lab apps that also offer choices for the user. In the later lessons in the course, students will learn more advanced concepts, including variables and “for” loops.

Attendance Policy: Students are expected to show up for STREAM class on time. If you are tardy it is your responsibility to check in with me and present a tardy note. If you are absent, you are expected to discuss with me how your grading will be modified.

Course Requirements

 Assignment Submission: When you are at school you are to complete your assignment in You will be shown how to complete lesson. It is your responsibility to complete your assignment with a score >90. This class is primarily paperless and all assignments will be turned in online and during class.

Grading: You should be able to track your progress and know your grade at all times.

Monitored Online Communication: All communication must be positive and constructive. We are a community of learners and in this classroom you should act responsible. Keep in mind I will see all class communications.