Faculty & Staff

St. Hugh Catholic School employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process.

Fr. Luis Largaespada
Email: frluis@st-hugh.org

Mrs. Mary E. Fernández, Ed.S.
Email: principal@st-hugh.org

Anita Klynott
PK3 Teacher
Email: aklynott@st-hugh.org

Pilar Ginocchio
PK3 Teacher Assistant
Email: rginocchio@st-hugh.org

Rosy Medina
4k Teacher
Email: rmedina@st-hugh.org

Gabriela Flores
4k Teacher Assistant
Email: gflores@st-hugh.org

Patricia Pratt
Kindergarten Teacher
Email: ppratt@st-hugh.org

Elenora Velazco
Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Email: evelazco@st-hugh.org

Marta Rico
1st grade teacher
Email: mrico@st-hugh.org

Sahily Gonzalez
1st grade teacher Assistant
Email: sgonzalez@st-hugh.org

Valerie Perez
2nd grade Teacher
Email: vperez@st-hugh.org

Mrs. Romeu
2nd grade Teacher Assistant
Email: mromeu@st-hugh.org

Gail Gomez
3rd grade Teacher
Email: ggomez@st-hugh.org

Emoy Torres
3rd grade Teacher Assistant
Email: etorres@st-hugh.org

Daniella Perez
4th Grade Teacher
Email: dperez@st-hugh.org

Ibette Benitez
4th Grade Teacher Assistant
Email: Ibenitez@st-hugh.org

Cristina Manrara
5th grade Teacher
Email: cmanrara@st-hugh.org

Mariel Alireza 
5th grade Teacher Assistant
Email: malireza@st-hugh.org

Melissa Perez-Noy Garcia
6th grade Homeroom teacher/ Social Studies/ Speech & Debate teacher/ middle school teacher
Email: mperez-noy@st-hugh.org

Pilar Janulionis
7th grade homeroom/ On-Level ELA middle school Teacher
Email: pjanulionis@st-hugh.org

Emily Concepcion
8th grade homeroom tearcher/ middle school science teacher
Email: Econcepcion@st-hugh.org

Melissa Capiro
Accelerated ELA middle school Teacher
Email: Mcapiro@st-hugh.org

Cristina Fundora
3k-Kinder & 5th – 8th grade Religion Teacher
Email: cfundora@st-hugh.org

Catherine Pennekamp
Kinder- 5th grade Art Teacher
Email: cpennekamp@st-hugh.org

Daniella Bianco
1st-4th grade Religion Teacher
Email: dbianco@st-hugh.org

Rolando Carmenates
Kinder -8th Native Speakers Spanish Teacher
Email: rcarmenates@st-hugh.org

Patricia Angel
Kinder-8th Non-Native speakers Spanish Teacher
Email: pangel@st-hugh.org

Lazaro Suarez
Middle School Math Teacher
Email: lsuarez@st-hugh.org

Sandra Camacho
Technology coordinator/ STREAM Teacher
Email: scamacho@st-hugh.org

Melissa Capablanca
ESE Reading Raiders Teacher
Email: mcapablanca@st-hugh.org

Nicole Mendiola
Accelerated Reading Raiders Teacher
Email: nmendiola @st-hugh.org

Ricardo Pina
Athletic Director/ P.E. Teacher
Email: rpina@st-hugh.org

Travis Williams
P.E. Teacher
Email: twilliams@st-hugh.org

Vanessa Gentzschein  
Music & Musical Theatre Teacher
Email:  vgentzschein@st-hugh.org

Ernie Gonzalez
Video Production Teacher/ School Videographer
Email: egonzalez@st-hugh.org

Gypsy Ramallo
Administrative Assistant
Email : gramallo@st-hugh.org

Swanee Aguila
Finance Administrator Church & School
Email: saguila@st-hugh.org

Gloria Perez
Office Assistant/ After School Director
Email: gperez@st-hugh.org

Marcia Gaitan
Accounting Assistant
Email: mgaitan@st-hugh.org

Lucy Pimentel
Church/School receptionist
Email: lpimentel@st-hugh.org

Francisco Delgado
Maintenance – Custodian
Email: fdelgado@st-hugh.org

Caridad Campos
Email: ccampos@st-hugh.org