Faculty & Staff

St. Hugh Catholic School employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process.

Mrs. Mary E. Fernández, Ed.S.
Email: principal@st-hugh.org

Fr. Luis Largaespada
Email: frluis@st-hugh.org

Anita Klynott
PK3 Teacher
Email: aklynott@st-hugh.org

Pilar Ginocchio
PK3 Teacher Assistant
Email: rginocchio@st-hugh.org

Rosy Medina
4k Teacher
Email: rmedina@st-hugh.org

Gabriela Flores
4k Teacher Assistant
Email: gflores@st-hugh.org

Patricia Pratt
Kindergarten Teacher
Email: ppratt@st-hugh.org

Elenora Velazco
Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Email: evelazco@st-hugh.org

Marta Rico
1st grade teacher
Email: mrico@st-hugh.org

Daniella Bianco
1st grade Teacher Assistant
Email: gflores@st-hugh.org

Valerie Perez
2nd grade Teacher
Email: vperez@st-hugh.org

Mrs. Romeu
2nd grade Teacher Assistant
Email: mromeu@st-hugh.org

Gail Gomez
3rd grade Teacher
Email: ggomez@st-hugh.org

Emoy Torres
3rd grade Teacher Assistant
Email: etorres@st-hugh.org

Daniella Perez
4th Grade Teacher
Email: dperez@st-hugh.org

Ibette Benitez
4th Grade Teacher Assistant
Email: Ibenitez@st-hugh.org

Cristina Manrara
5th grade Teacher
Email: cmanrara@st-hugh.org

Mariel Alireza 
5th grade Teacher Assistant
Email: maireza@st-hugh.org

Melissa Perez-Noy Garcia
6th grade Homeroom teacher/ Social Studies/ Speech & Debate teacher/ Middle school teacher
Email: mperez-noy@st-hugh.org

Pilar Janulionis
7th grade homeroom/ On-Level ELA middle school Teacher
Email: pjanulionis@st-hugh.org

Cristina Fundora
3k-Kinder & 5th – 8th grade Religion Teacher
Email: cfundora@st-hugh.org

Catherine Pennekamp
Kinder- 5th grade Art Teacher
Email: cpennekamp@st-hugh.org

Catherine Salazar
1st-4th grade Religion Teacher
Email: csalazar@st-hugh.org

Rolando Carmenates
Kinder -8th Native Speakers Spanish Teacher
Email: rcarmenates@st-hugh.org

Patricia Angel
Kinder-8th Non-Native speakers Spanish Teacher
Email: pangel@st-hugh.org

Lazaro Suarez
Middle School Math Teacher
Email: lsuarez@st-hugh.org


Sandra Camacho
Technology coordinator/ STREAM Teacher
Email: scamacho@st-hugh.org

Melissa Capablanca
ESE Reading Raiders Teacher
Email: mcapablanca@st-hugh.org

Nicole Mendiola
Accelerated Reading Raiders Teacher
Email: nmendiola @st-hugh.org

Ricardo Pina
Athletic Director/ P.E. Teacher
Email: rpina@st-hugh.org

Travis Williams
P.E. Teacher
Email: twilliams@st-hugh.org

Vanessa Gentzschein  
Music & Musical Theatre Teacher
Email:  vgentzschein@st-hugh.org

Ernie Gonzalez
Video Production Teacher/ School Videographer
Email: egonzalez@st-hugh.org