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September 1956.

St. Augustine Parish Mission School was founded by Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley of the Diocese of St. Augustine which covered most of the state of Florida . Housed in a two story building on 3601 Douglas Rd. , the school was under the direction of Holy Redeemer Church in Over-town, Miami. The Sisters of St. Joseph staffed the school. St. Augustine was an integrated school serving the African-American community of West Grove.

August 13, 1958.

The Diocese of Miami was created. Coleman F. Carroll from Pittsburgh , PA, became its first bishop.

June 30, 1959.

St. Hugh Parish was founded, and St. Augustine School became St. Hugh School . The Sisters of St. Joseph withdrew from the school.

In 1960,

the Sisters of the Assumption took over the school. Four sisters and Mother Alice Ignatius as principal staffed the school. Mother had just received her M.A. in Education from Barry College .

By 1962,

235 students were enrolled in the school. A large number of mothers were actively involved in the school.

By 1971,

266 students attended St. Hugh School. 1972-1974 Mr. William Sheehan was the first lay principal.


Msgr. John Glorie invited the Adrian Dominican Sisters to direct the school: Sr. Kathleen Donnelly OP as principal, Sr. Dolores LaVoy OP as DRE, and Sr. Margaret Charles OP as faculty member.


The school property on Douglas Rd. was sold, and a new school built next to the church at a cost of $1.5 million. August of 1982 the move from the old facility to the new school took place.


Fr. John Vaughan renovated the parish hall-cafeteria for the 25th anniversary of the parish and began an impressive building program.


The school was accredited for the first time in 1977. Florida Catholic Conference (F.C.C.) accreditation was renewed to the school. The computer lab was built.


Playground and running track were added to the P.E. program. 1994. The parish hall-school cafeteria was totally remodeled.


Science lab and meditation garden were built at a cost of $200,000.


Fr. George Garcia was appointed pastor.


F.C.C. accreditation was renewed. A technology upgrade program was designed. New lockers, kitchen equipment were bought, and the boys’ rest room was refurbished.


New computers for the lab and classrooms were purchased. Girls’ rest room was refurbished. Basketball-volleyball court was built, and an alarm system was installed in the school and offices. The Endowment Fund was started by Fr. George Garcia.


New sound system was installed in the hall-cafeteria, and new security gates were installed in the school and parking lot.


New Art Room was built next to the classrooms at a cost of $250,000.


School Chapel in memory of Barton Eroncig was donated by his family.


SmartBoards were installed in every classroom from first through eighth grade.


A new track was rebuilt. School Endowment Fund reached its first million dollars.


Smart Boards were added in Pre K3, Pre K4 and Kindergarten classrooms. New cafeteria chairs were purchased. School cafeteria was used for Sunday masses as the church was being renovated.


New playground and picnic tables were donated by school parents. New SmartBoards were added to the library and music rooms.


The classrooms (including the library) were updated with new computer workstations. The graduating class donated a new scoreboard for after school sports.


A new projector and electronic screen were donated by the graduating class. After 35 years as principal, Sister Kathleen Donnelly, O.P. retired. Mr. Antonio Cejas was appointed principal of St. Hugh School by the pastor, Father George Garcia.


Media Center received a rolling cart with 30 laptops and 70 iPads.


Fr. George Garcia retired and Fr. Federico Capdepón was appointed pastor of St. Hugh Church.


Fr. Federico Capdepón retired and Fr. Luis Largaespada was appointed pastor of St.

Mary E. Fernandez, Ed.S. officially named the principal of St. Hugh June 2013. Mrs. Fernandez has worked as an educator and assistant principal at St. Hugh since August of 1985.

Fr. Luis Largaespada was officially installed as the new pastor on November 17, 2017