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Instructor Information Name: Mrs. Sandra Camacho
Title: Technology Director/Computer Teacher
Classroom: STREAM
Phone: (305) 448-5602

Time and Method of Contact: I check e-mail regularly and it is the best way to reach me. If you need extra help or extra time, please speak to me to arrange a day/time afterschool to meet.

Course Information

Rules & Procedures: Students will follow the rules and procedures of St Hugh’s Student & Parent handbook.

Classroom procedures are as follows:

  • Be on time for class
  • Respect teachers & staff as well as all of St. Hugh equipment, students, and their work
  • No gum, candy is allowed
  • If a visitor enters or if the teacher receives a call from the office, you should remain on task and quiet.
  • We do not cheat, copy other people’s work, or copy materials from the Internet unless you cite the sources. Otherwise, it is called plagiarism
  • Please adhere to the St. Hugh Acceptable Use Policy
  • Streaming music and viewing music videos are NOT allowed without teacher permission.
  • Changing the computer settings is NOT allowed without teacher permission
  • Printing is only allowed with teacher permission

Course Description

STREAM class is designed to assist students in becoming better Digital Citizens. Each grade level will have custom projects/assignments designed for that grade’s developmental & proficiency levels.

Topics covered by Middle School will include online safety, digital etiquette, cyber bullying, appropriate use, protecting your online reputation, social networking, plagiarism, copyright and fair use, how to conduct effective searches, how to evaluate sites for accuracy and bias, as well as computer and Internet History. Students will use collaboration tools in class such as the productivity apps, Showbie and Notability. They will create products using common productivity tools, Google Apps for Schools, Microsoft Office 2019 software and other web-based applications.

Attendance Policy:

Students are expected to show up for STREAM class on time. If you are tardy it is your responsibility to check in with me and present a tardy note. If you are absent, you are expected to discuss with me how your grading will be modified.

Course Objectives:

Integrated with these concepts are the Educational Technology Standards.

  • Students will explain rules of online safety and netiquette, cyber bullying, plagiarism, copyright and fair use.
  • Students will discuss social networking tools, including ways they can be used to enhance learning, productivity, and relationships, as well as ways they can be misused and the consequences of misuse.
  • Students will employ search terms to narrow down appropriate sites in research as well as evaluate those sites as a resource.
  • Students will collaborate, Google Apps.
  • Students will create original projects using common productivity software, Microsoft Office 2019.

Course Requirements

Assignment Submission:

When you are at school you are to complete your assignment in Test Out. You will be shown how to complete the simulation lab and skill labs. From then on it is your responsibility to complete your assignment with a score >90. This class is primarily paperless and all assignments will be turned in online and during class.


You should be able to track your progress and know your grade at all times. Your student’s grades can be viewed online on PlusPortals. (Contact Mrs. Camacho or email ASSIGNMENTS

Evaluation will be based on the following:

Daily Assignments/Participation 10%
PBL/ Skill Labs 30%
Quiz 20%
Test 40 %

Monitored Online Communication:

All communication must be positive and constructive. We are a community of learners and in this classroom you should act responsible. Keep in mind I will see all class communications.