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Student Council


Student Council is made up of 8th grade elected student council members. These students are provided with opportunities to put leadership theory into practice. Each representative has defined responsibilities and are expected to model exceptional behavior and character. Much of the work, although supervised, will be independent. Students will largely responsible for in school activities and fundraising along with some
after school events.

Student Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop and improve public speaking skills
  2. Learn to work as an effective team to accomplish tasks
  3. Initiate leadership opportunities for other students on campus
  4. Share ideas effectively with well thought out plans for implementation
  5. Complete tasks thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Officers – In addition to general assemblies, the executive board is expected to attend all executive board meetings. Officers will also attend committee meetings as assigned.

  1. President- the president shall be in 8th grade for the year of his/her service
  2. Vice Presidents -shall be in 8th grade for the year of his/her service
  3. Treasurer- shall be in 8th grade for the year of his/her service
  4. Secretary- shall be in 8th grade for the year of his/her service

Grade Level Representatives

Representative must attend all general assemblies.
Should he or she not be able to attend, advanced notice must be given.

  1. Representatives are expected to participate in the planning and implementation of activities.
  2. Representatives must report all actions of his/her constituents and be responsible for reporting the concerns of his/her constituents.

Role of the Student Council:

a) To create in cooperation with the Principal, staff and students, a better school life for the students of our school.
b) To provide students with opportunities of leadership and to develop in all students a sense of responsibility.
c) To encourage the students in the school to become more aware of how the school is run and to constructively identify and express their needs.
d) To contribute to overall school development by being involved in school policy development ,and to be a resource in working in partnership with the management of the school.
e) To act as liaison where appropriate between the students and the teaching staff and management.


a) Shall preside at all meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Board.
b) Shall represent the student body of St-Hugh Catholic Middle School when called upon to do so by the principal.
c) Shall appoint, with the approval of the executive board, ad hoc committees as necessary.
d) Shall have the authority, with approval from the executive board, to call additional meeting.
e) Shall promote interest and participation within the Student Council.

Vice President:

a) In case of president’s absence or inability to carry out his responsibilities, the vice-president will take charge and assume the  esponsibilities of the president.
b) Shall assist the president as directed.


a) Shall be responsible for the record keeping concerning all student government expenditures and income.
b) Shall, at Representative Assembly Meetings, submit a report on the financial status of the Student Council.
c) Shall be responsible for preparing a budget for the Student Council.


a) Shall be responsible for recording all minutes of the Student Council meetings.
b) Shall be responsible for copying and distributing all records of the Student Council to the Representative Assembly.
c) Shall maintain all Student Government Association Records.
d) Shall be responsible for all secretarial and clerical duties of the Student Council
e) Shall be responsible for all approved correspondence.


a) Will share news with their constituents.
b) Shall bring issues to the general assembly that are of concern to his/her constituents.
c) Will notify the advisor is he/she is unable to attend a required meeting.
d) Will actively serve in the planning and implementation of activities.